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TechCMS Course for Career Professionals


The course is an introduction to Technology-enhanced Career Management Skills. It aims at equipping Career Professionals with skills required to provide career guidance and training to unemployed or employed individuals. It includes four main learning areas; the personal development of professionals, the professional growth, the capacity to structure sessions and final the use of digital tools in order to provide sessions in online environments. The programme will facilitate users, policy makers, teacher trainers, and career managers to discharge their roles more efficiently and effectively. Finally, there are dedicated topics which provide guidance on how to use and exploit the TechCMS tools, namely; the Virtual Learning Centre & the Self-assessment Tool.


About This Course

 Who this course is for
Career Guidance practitioners/company HR/Employers/Entrepreneurs,  coaches, policy makers, teacher trainers, and career managers and all other career-relevant workers.

Course Contents

Module 1. Personal Self

Module 2. Professional Self

Module 3. Designing in-depth career guidance sessions

Module 4. Digital Skills for Career Management & Exploitation of TechCMS Tools

What you will learn

1. to develop your self-awareness and mindfulness in order to feel confident in your ability to get your clients/mentees real results;

2. to develop your professional skills and capacity in order to become a successful career guidance expert;

3.  to prepare for and structure your career guidance sessions with individuals, to learn how to use tools and strategies in order to gain expertise in career management industry.

4. to become familiar with digital resources and online tools, as well as, to take advantage of the tools provided by TechCMS project in order to enrich his/her career management skills.
This course includes:

· 10 videos
· 56 powerpoint presentations

· extra links and resources
· A workbook (printable & downloadable)
· 4 Quizzes
· Certificate of Completion (pass percentage 65%)

Total Curriculum Length

Open until 30/9/2022


  • Basic understanding of the field of Career Counseling 
  • Basic IT skills (for registration, enrolment, navigation and use of communication features of the VLE)
  • A willingness to work towards career management and self-development
  • Internet Infrastructure of a laptop or PC
  • A high speed internet connection
  • No previous experience is required

Course Staff

Marievi Gretsi, AKMI

Ms Gretsi holds a BA in International, European and Regional Studies from Panteion University of Social and Political Science of Athens and she is currently working at the European Department of AKMI Metropolitan College as Project Manager. She has an extensive experience in project management of national, international and EU-funded projects focusing on skills development for young unemployed, entrepreneurs and socially vulnerable groups. As a mentor, certified by the University of Ghent, she has informed young people in Greece about career opportunities in the Blue Economy. She volunteered in the implementation of the Prince's Trust International and the Mellon - Skills Accelerator programme of Knowl Social Enterprise aimed at integrating young people into the labour market. Significant experience in the field of communication and organisation was gained as a Customer Service Specialist in 2014 - 2018 and as an Assistant Phychologist in psychological support for young teenagers. She is a native Greek speaker, fluent in English and French.

Annalisa Marchetti, IAL MARCHE SRL

Annalisa Marchetti is involved in training consulting and European projectation. In the field of vocational training, she coordinates training activities in which job orientation and training are involved, although indirectly. She is a member of the European Project area of Ial Marche; she plays an active role in projects involving other European partners. She is also in charge of managing activities related to hosting mobility by organizing all logistical aspects including student/business matching. She has a degree in foreign languages and cultures, is a native Italian speaker and speaks 2 foreign languages: English and Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  4. Course Length

    15 weeks